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Apr 02, 2017

4 extraordinary benefits of 4G VoLTE technology

Before we delve into the advantages, let us briefly understand what this technology is. For the uninitiated, 4G VoLTE is essentially Voice-over-LTE. Still confused? To further break it down, it uses data network for transmitting voice, like how data network is used for downloading, browsing, checking Facebook, etc. 


So, what are its benefits? 


High-quality HD voice

The biggest and the most discernable difference you'll notice when you switch from GSM/CDMA to VoLTE is the superior voice quality. From the tone to the clarity, you get a true HD experience every time you make a voice call. 


Better battery life

Another vital benefit of using VoLTE phones. Your battery life is significantly improved as the phones don't switch from 4G to 3G/2G when you make a call like in GSM/CDMA ones. The constant switching, coupled with searching for a signal each time it switches, drains the battery rapidly.

Faster call setup times

Since the calls are carried out via LTE networks, there will be notably less latency. This means calls will get connected as quickly as one second as opposed to the GSM/CDMA call setup time of around three to five seconds. 


RCS becomes native 

RCS is short of Rich Communications Services like video calling, file transferring, etc. Currently, these services are available in smartphones via third-party apps such as Skype for video calling, SHAREit for file transfers, among others. But, with VoLTE, it is possible to avail such services directly from the phone's native dialler. 


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