Jul 30, 2018

5 Not-So-Obvious Things to Know about Your iVOOMi FitMe Fitness Tracker

5 Not-So-Obvious
Things to Know about Your iVOOMi
FitMe Fitness Tracker

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If you are one of the lucky people to have bought an iVOOMi FitMe tracker, then chances are you’re still getting to know your device. The FitMe fitness tracker is a great way to monitor your workout, sleep, heart-rate and even your diet. iVOOMi FitMe helps you push in the right direction when it comes to overall fitness. But many of the first-time users are unaware of a few powerful features that can take your fitness to the next level.

Here are a few tips on how to maximize your FitMe experience

Set personal goals:

The biggest challenge in achieving your ultimate fitness goal is to keep motivated and stay true to your path. To overcome this you can set smaller goals divided into daily, weekly or monthly goals—such as activity, exercise, weight, calories and sleep targets anytime, right from your app. View your progress and be on top of your fitness.

Sedentary Alert:

Sometimes we are so busy in our day to day work that we forget to spend time on your fitness goals. Make use of reminders in case of extended physical inactivity. FitMe alerts you through gentle vibrations when you remain physically inactive for a set period of time. The alert duration can be set via the app.

Keep track of your friend or family:

A great way to keep yourself motivated through your fitness regimes is to loop in your family and friend. Keep track of whether a friend or a family member is keeping up his/her goals through the FItMe app. A little friendly competition always keeps us on our toes.

Track the quality of air:

A vital feature that most fitness bands overlook is the quality of air. Air quality in your neighbourhood determines whether your fitness routine will be helpful to you or will cause you harm. FitMe lets you track the air quality levels so that you can be smart about scheduling your workout sessions at a time of the day when the air quality is at a least harmful level.

Monitor your heart rate:

With the emergence of heart diseases, tracking your heart is important for your health, fitness and every part of your personal journey. It is important to continuously monitor your heart rate and keep track of it. Reach weight goals, optimize exercise, track health & fitness and manage stress with FitMe.

These not-so-obvious features on your iVOOMi FitMe can help you go further and get fitter. Get a FitMe today and discover features - from setting personal goals to boosting your workout performance - that everyone can benefit from. #MyFitMeIsMyBuddy #MyFItMeIsMyPartner #MyFitMeIsMyMotivator

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