Jul 19, 2018

Battery draining? Here's a solution!

Smartphone companies, in order to differentiate themselves, are introducing newer features and functions that consumers really want. But the question is, what do consumers really want in a new smartphone? The answers are not as surprising as you might imagine!


Wish lists for what users want in their smartphones have evolved gradually over the years with new innovations. Before the era of smartphones battery life was rarely a concern, but now it can make or break an otherwise good device or brand. To most smartphone users, battery life is one of the most important factors in opting for a phone. After all, even the best smartphone in the world isn’t worth much if they require recharging every few hours.


What users look for in a long lasting battery smartphone is the ability to go atleast a day without having to charge or recharge their device. The biggest factors contributing to the drainage of battery life include:



Naturally, the ability to eke out a few extra hours is important with handsets. However, battery usage varies massively between users - those who watch a lot of videos are going to use up a lot more battery than those who use their handset to post the odd social media posts.


The good news is that smartphone battery life has increased significantly in recent years, with improved capacity of 4,000 mAh and higher. Modern day processors and wireless connections smartly adjust power consumption to drain less juice. Many brands go all out with their features but forget to back it up with a longer lasting battery. Still there are ample options available that fall within the mid-range or budget segment.


iVOOMi, the Hong Kong-based smartphone manufacturer, have introduced a variety of smartphones in India that are powered by long lasting 4000 mAh battery. Recently, the brand has expanded its pocket-friendly smartphone ‘i’ series by introducing two new models –i2 and i2 Lite. Both of these are long lasting battery smartphones designed for demanding users. Explore more smartphones from iVOOMi here.

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