Jul 11, 2018

Can you fool your phone’s facial recognition by using makeup?

People change over time, don’t they? Some, emotionally, and some in their looks. One moment, you’re flaunting your long locks, and the next, you’re out and about in your brand new bob. Or, perhaps, a new hair colour that completely changes your personality. Or, just for messing with your phone’s facial recognition feature, loads and loads of makeup.


We’ve learnt the tricks of transforming into a completely different person through makeup. But, where does the smartphone and its unique facial recognition fit in this scenario? Is your phone smart enough to detect that it is, in fact, you? One word: Yes.


The world is witnessing new mobile launches every other day, with facial recognition being the latest (and hottest) security feature. And, why not? Putting in your password or pattern unlocking is not only tedious but passé. Now, you’d think, with facial recognition in place, it’s easy to trick your phone into believing it’s not you, even if it is for fun.


However, the truth is that phone companies work extra hard on the face-matching feature of the phone. Every face has many distinguishable landmarks that make up facial features. The feature identifies these landmarks as nodal points. With approximately 80 nodal points on a face, the recognition technology measures:


• Distance between the eyes

• Width of the nose

• Depth of the eye sockets

• The shape of the cheekbones

• The length of the jawline


These nodal points are measured creating a numerical code, called a faceprint, representing the face in the database. Every time you look into the phone the infrared sensors match the input with the faceprint in the database and recognize your face. Pretty smart, isn’t it?

Many a makeup artist have gone the extra mile trying to beat the facial recognition feature through extensive contouring, prosthetics, and totally altering their facial features, only to end up failing.


That said, whether you’ve recently started wearing spectacles, or are high on the wackiest makeup tricks, rest assured, your phone is hard to fool. It’ll recognise you in an instant, no matter how much you try to hide.


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