Here's why these high-tech batteries are the talk of the town

Jun 14, 2018

Here's why these high-tech batteries are the talk of the town

In this information age, we have large amounts of energy stored in our pockets and on our laps. So it’s a good time to discuss the next step in power storage technology that has taken over the portable electronics industry in the last few years, the Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) battery.


The evolution of Li-Po batteries has resulted from Li-ion batteries. The latter uses organic solvents, which in case of leakage, runs the risk of explosion. The Li-Po batteries offer a distinct advantage over Li-ion ones in terms of utility, cost, flexibility and durability. Thus, portable electronics makers are turning to Lithium Polymer batteries.


Here are some features that make Li-Po popular:


No risk of an explosion:

The Li-Po batteries can be dropped, crushed or run over by a car and still, they will not explode. It’s made using a polymer base that’s non-flammable, ensuring it doesn't explode.



Since the Li-Po batteries do not require a metal casing to squeeze the battery's electrodes together, they can be up to 20% lighter than Li-ion batteries.



A Lithium-polymer battery can be shaped to fit in an array of devices. The form-factor of Li-Po batteries is much more flexible, as opposed to the boxy or cylindrical Li-ion cells, and they can be shaped as thin as a credit card.


Runs longer:

The Li-Po batteries have much higher discharge rates than Li-ion batteries which means they take much more time to run out of charge and hence pack more punch.


Li-Po batteries have provided a significant performance boost to devices with such appealing attributes. The iVOOMi Titan powerbank packs Li-Po battery and the series comes with 10000 mAh and 15000 mAh battery capacities. If you are planning to buy a powerbank that’s safe, sleek, stylish and power-packed buy the best powerbank online - iVOOMi Titan.

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