i1s Phones with Face Recognition

Mar 29, 2018

How Facial Recognition Technology is changing the World

Facial recognition is an emerging technology that is gradually augmenting the way people live and has the potential to shape the digital world in the coming years appreciably. The technology is biometric - it scans people’s face or photographs and can recognize an individual by mapping approximately 80 nodal points designed from a numerical code - called a faceprint. Once the faceprint is recorded in the database, the software compares a person’s face with the data captured.

There are multiple industries, all over the world, which are increasingly adopting this technology such as retailers, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality industries and so on. Here are the ways facial recognition technology is changing the world around us.

Security: The usage of facial biometrics is going to be omnipresent. House or car owners will be soon able to access all these with their facial features. Unlocking smartphones though facial recognition is already in use today.

Advertising: Facial Recognition has helped the advertising industry in boosting consumer engagement. The power to identify one individual from millions has given advertisers an opportunity to offer more personalized product or services to their targeted audiences.

Healthcare: The technology identifies you and your data, which helps you check-in quicker, and after checkup, you get the medicines home by simply verifying your biometric identity, without carrying any single piece of paper.

Criminal Identification: The technology can recognize one face from millions in just one second, with a high accuracy rate of around 99% in a supervised traffic scenario. It is playing a crucial role in helping the law-keepers track down criminals and keep all the citizens safe.


iVOOMi is launching iVOOMi i1s Anniversary Edition in India. The i1s mobile smartphone, which was unveiled earlier this year, comes with the addition of facial unlocking for buyers in the newest anniversary edition. The facial recognition feature is offered with the help of the front-facing camera.


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