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Jun 05, 2017

How to take pictures in low light using an iVoomi Smart Phone

Parties, TV dinner hangouts and unexpected funny moments can happen in any light. If you want to capture them with clarity and proper lighting, you’ve come to the right place.


Get ready to be surprised with these never before 5 tips for taking pictures on smartphones in the dark.


&We’re shedding light on cool ‘phonetography’ with these five tips:


Tip 1 - Stand back and use flash

Use flash from your smartphone but from a distance of at least 2 arms’ length. Too close, and it will be too much light. You don’t want yourself or your friends looking like ghosts, so stand back when using flash.


Tip 2 - Face the light.

Remember this, always face the light. This way the person you are photographing is well lit and comes out looking friendly and you can see all the colours in their face and clothes.


Tip 3 - White Wall

Using the wall in your picture is easily a good way to get pictures when the lighting is only a tubelight or a dull indoor bulb. If your friends are standing close to a white wall and you use flash you get a fully lit image from light bouncing off the surface. Try it a bit to get a hang of it.


Tip 4 - Give your phone a rest.

Literally, just hold it on a flat surface like a wall or table, and you will get a more stable image. It’s the best way to click pictures.


Tip 5 - Don’t zoom!

Zooming is a big no-no when it comes to taking pictures in the night, at a party or in low light. Instead just move your phone closer or away from yourself for the perfect picture


Most importantly, always have fun with your phone!

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