Nov 13, 2018

Why Notch Display is the Latest Trend in Smartphones

We have all seen these newly-launched smartphones with the little black cut-outs on top of the screen. It is everywhere and every other brand is using it. But, is this latest trend just a design element or something which is born out of necessity? Let’s find out.

To understand the trend that has gripped smartphone users we need to first understand why the notch was introduced in the first place. The need for a notch on the display was felt when smartphone manufactures wanted to increase the screen-to-body ratios so that more space is available for the display. In order to do this,It was needed to reduce or minimize the bezel on the front face. But, what is a smartphone bezel?


What are Bezels?  

In simple terms, smartphone bezel is the plastic/metal on the front face of the phone that isn't screen space. When people talk about reducing or minimizing bezel, they are usually either referring to phones that have very little space around the screen on the front faces. Thus the taller 18:9 displays were invented by minimizing on the bezel area. Many of the latest smartphones have ultra-narrow bezels, ones that almost seem to have disappeared.
By narrowing the borders around a screen, brands can devote more of the phone's front to its display, allowing them to offer a bigger screen in a smaller phone. But minimizing the bezel space has its own drawbacks. It interferes with the placement of important elements like front cameras, fingerprint sensors, facial recognition sensors and more, on the front face of smartphones. And that is where the notch comes in!

Notch to the rescue

The notch was born out of necessity! It isn't only about the looks. The notch helps fit more viewing space in the same framework while leaving room for the camera and sensors. The notch appears in the top part of the screen which displays the status bar. The middle section of the status bar is usually not in use for most of the time. So, compromising on the status bar content essentially gives you more space for improving the viewing experience manifold.
We all desire phones with the biggest possible display to make the most of our viewing experience. Utilizing the notch, many brands are getting creative as to the placement of sensors on the front face.
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