Sevices FAQs

1) Battery Not Charged / Charging Related Issue

If you encounter a situation where your Device Battery in not charged or you may find any Charging related issue. Try removing and re-insert the battery if it's a removable battery type and check. Else, Kindly check below conditions:

a) Kindly remove battery of your handset (if It is removable battery ) & re-insert it again
b) Check the physical condition of the battery - like bulge, swelled or damaged / Charger - like wire damaged.
c) Check whether the charger is well fitted in the charging jack or not. Also check using a different Charger.
d) Follow the standard charging procedure (i.e. charge a fully discharge battery in Switch-off mode up to 150 mins.)

If still you facing any battery issue, kindly visit your nearest service center.

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